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Android and iOS apps

Increase conversions with banners,
dialogs and modals. No coding.

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In-app messaging and push notifications are better together.

In-app messaging lets you reach your entire audience, including those who haven’t subscribed to push. You can use the same segmentation data to deliver personalized in-app messages and push notifications.

Engage, re-engage.

In-app messaging

Key features

  • Works across websites and mobile apps
  • Flexible display formats
  • Behavioral triggers (arrival, exit, page view, etc.)
  • Segmentation and personalized messages
  • Detailed analytics
  • Published instantly (no app-store, no coding)
  • Display preview on different devices

Beautiful display formats.

Our display formats will cover all your needs and let you compose beautiful banners, dialogs, modals, and more.

They will make an impression in every situation, on every device and web browser.

Simple editor, no coding.

Our online editor lets you compose messages, choose among various display formats, set the right colors and images.

It features a live preview that shows how your message will appear on mobile, tablet and web browsers.

Get detailed analytics

Find out what works by analyzing real-time reports of views, clicks and conversions.

Natively GDPR compliant
and respecting user privacy

WonderPush inapps are natively GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) compliant without requiring additional user consent. Even if they can be targeted and personalized, their display is indeed determined client side without WonderPush recording any behavioral or personal data on its servers.
GDPR Compliant

In-app messaging

Use cases

  • Personalized discounts
  • Prompt users to subscribe to push notifications
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Ask users to refer their friends
  • Update users on the status of their orders
  • Unlock achievements and prizes
  • Advertise special events
  • … and much more!
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