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How WonderPush recovers 23% of abandoned carts using push notifications

Julie Colin
Lead Product Manager
Julie Colin and her team have been exploring new ways to send relevant and personalised messages on the Web since 2016.

They’d previously learned from the mobile app that:

  • A 1-click opt-in to notifications converts better than E-mail signup forms
  • notifications are more clicked than E-mail links.

Real-time push notification analytics

Monitor the conversion of your push
in real time
The first thing Julie enjoyed about WonderPush was the ability to measure how relevant a notification was: simply monitor the notification CTR (click-through rate) and find out in real time.

Push notification click rate

Effort: 10 minutes. Click-rate: 23%

Implementing a cart reminder using WonderPush took Julie’s team exactly 10 minutes. The cart reminder performed with an astounding 23% CTR.

Push notification segmentation and automation

Behavior and time-based automation let you drive people back to your app

The cart reminder notification was implemented by creating a Behaviour-based campaign (a built-in feature of WonderPush) and tagging users appropriately by adding a couple of Javascript lines to Sarenza’s website.

And because relevance is also a matter of timing, Julie opted to send the cart reminder notification exactly 10 minutes after the user left the site, a feature also built-in WonderPush.

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