Once upon a time, fans only had television and radio to follow the game and get crucial information.

Emails were the only way for clubs to send fans information about the teams, ticket sales, merchandising items.

Then push notifications arrived.

Initially for mobile applications, then websites, push notifications became the de-facto standard to create a deep relationship with fans.

What are push notifications?

Users subscribe to mobile and web push notifications from their desktop or their application with a single click. This process is GPDR compliant by design

Once accepted, the permission lets the clubs as PSG, Manchester City,Real Madrid, Liverpool FC , Aston Villa FC or West Ham United FC send push notifications to their fans whenever they want.

Push notifications instantly pop up on users phones or desktop screens with key information and rich media.

How can football clubs leverage push notifications?

Push notifications can be used in several ways in order to inform fans about their favorite team:

  • Team news
  • Merchandising launch and sales
  • Player focus
  • Medical updates
With push notifications, it’s easy to keep fans engaged with player health updates.
Boost your merchandizing product launches with push notifications

And of course game data:

  • Dates and times
  • Opening of ticket sales
  • Fixtures
  • Highlights
Match recap push notifications are an effective way to bring back fans to your site

But the most effective way to engage with football fans is to keep them updated in real-time, during the game.

With live reports, push notifications keep fans informed even when they can’t watch or listen to the game. This way, fans can receive a push notification every time a goal or point is scored, every time the lineup changes, at half-time and full-time with the score.

All this is pretty easy to setup with a good push notification service.

No matter if you are in a place where you don’t have tv, radio or enough bandwidth to watch the match, you can now be updated right on time when your favourite team scores!